Inspired early learning

Language and Music programs

A child’s thirst for knowledge and stimulation at this stage of life is phenomenal, so within our Oac Grow curriculum, we incorporate a range of experiences that enrich your child’s learning.

These include:
• Music classes
• Second language classes
• Technology integration



Igniting a passion for music

Children love exploring music through song, dance, play, movement and active listening, so we include weekly music sessions in our Oac Grow curriculum. Research shows that music enhances a child’s learning capacity, and assists with early motor skill development, group dynamics, socialisation, rhythm and speech.

A love of language

Your child’s brain is primed for language learning during the first few years of life. Oac Grow offers a fun, weekly playbased program introducing your little ones to French, Spanish and Italian in an exciting way. C’est magnifique.


High tech, high fun

Today’s children are living with a range of devices in their everyday lives. Research shows that intentional and developmentally appropriate use of technology can support and enhance learning and development. We integrate technology such as iPads purposefully and appropriately to support the learning experiences at Oac.

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