Inspired early learning

Education programs

Families are a child’s first teacher so we continue to build on your child’s existing knowledge from home in the campus. Our professional educators provide a balance of structured and unstructured learning opportunities and a curriculum that incorporates planned and monitored outcomes for each child.

Your child will be in an inspiring environment that will allow them to be active participants in their life and society, promoting connections to who they are and who they will become.

Programs are developed for group and individual work so children experience one on one interactions and cooperative group learning. Our professional educators listen to the children, observe their actions and seek input from families to learn about the childrens’ interests and how we can extend their understanding of the world. We understand that to provide quality early learning education we need to have an outstanding team.

The planned program includes opportunities for your child to participate in projects and extended investigations that are developed from the children’s interests, ideas, and questions. Projects help children thoroughly explore ideas, make discoveries, construct knowledge, and solve problems; this all leads to learning and understanding.    

Our educators plan the learning program for your child on an ongoing basis, in which they:

  • Identify your child’s strengths and interests through observing and interacting with them, and speaking with your family
  • Plan experiences, choose teaching strategies and design the environment to build on your child’s skills and knowledge
  • Assess and document the learning outcomes for your child to inform further planning.

School readiness

As part of our preschool offering, we ensure that all children are prepared for a positive transition to school. Children are supported in developing letter and number recognition, science and maths concepts, technology skills and social competence in their year prior to school. We collaborate with local schools and assist families to feel ready and informed when their child enrols at school.

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