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Oac Nutrition Program

We passionately believe that good nutrition plays a vital role in children's physical and mental development in early childhood. Research supports the fact that it is directly linked to all aspects of their growth and development.

At Oac, we started with the simple premise, that children aren't small adults, so their nutrition needs are different. Rapid growth means energy needs for their size are high. To meet energy and nutrition requirements for growth and development, children benefit from having a wide variety of foods from the five food groups in order to grow and develop properly.

Most children form lifelong eating patterns by the time they reach school age, so it's a huge responsibility for Oac to guide children towards sound food habits which will help them to maintain good health in the long term. Providing children with the right nutrition will ensure they learn from an early age what is necessary for good health. This will help to set them up for a life of proper eating, giving them the best possible nutritional start to life.

We have engaged accredited nutritionists to create mindful and nutritious menus for all campuses, as well as provide holistic health advice to Oac educators, children and their families.

The Oac Nutrition program includes a 4 week rotating seasonal menu that meets children's needs, taking into account nutritional and energy requirements as well as cultural and health needs. Each Oac campus has their own chef who works in a modern on site, state of the art kitchen, to freshly prepare daily all of the children's delicious meals. At Oac, we serve 5 meals each day including breakfast, morning tea, lunch afternoon tea and a late snack.

As part of the Oac Nutrition program, we offer nutritional advice for children and families throughout the year via seminars and talks. Plus any parent can ask to know more about nutrition for the child and what our program includes at any time..

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