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We want children at Oac to be stimulated and given the best opportunity possible to develop their growing minds.Oac Grow is our unique educational curriculum that forms the basis for essential early education and development. This curriculum has been developed so that every child has the opportunity to embark on a wonderful early learning journey and achieve his or her potential.

Oac Grow is an innovative play-based curriculum that differs to other early education programs by delivering intentional teaching in dynamic small group learning environments where children’s successes, skills and challenges are monitored on an ongoing basis.

Oac Grow calls on international best practice and is guided by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework.

The program offers experiences that are appropriate to every child’s unique stage of development, therefore promoting positive learning outcomes.

Core principles guide our curriculum and through clearly defined curriculum areas, we deliver innovative programs and practices that allow children to reach their fullest potential, from literacy and numeracy, to exploration, technology, creative expression and sustainability. It’s an holistic curriculum that ensures education and development experiences are immersed into daily practice.

Every day, your child will take part in a range of different experiences. These include:

• Book of the Month
• Music
• Spanish Language
• Oac Sustain
• Oac Active

Sharing stories

Through our ‘Book of the Month’ program, we introduce children to the wonderful world of language and literature. Each month, we choose a new book title and explore the text, illustrations and ideas that it contains – themes that often link to other parts of the curriculum.

Igniting a passion for music

We believe that music is a key part of life – and through the Oac Music program, we help children to understand and appreciate everything from tempo and timbre, to pitch and participation through movement. Children explore music daily, whether it’s through song, music or dance

Understanding sustainability

It’s never too soon to start learning about our natural world. Through Oac Sustain, children do just that, engaging in activities that cover four key sustainability topics: gardening, water, waste and energy.

Loving Language

A child’s brain is primed for language learning during the first few years of life – and with this in mind, we have developed a Spanish Language Appreciation program for Toddlers and Preschoolers. The benefits of this program go well beyond language; it also helps enhance literacy, verbal and mathematical skills, increase creativity, and improve problem-solving skills.

Active play

Designed by a qualified Sports Science Physiologist in consultation with the Oac Health team, our Oac Active program helps children learn important gross motor skills, which are fundamental to many areas of learning. Through this program, children improve their strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and co-ordination – all in a in a fun, inclusive environment.

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