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Oac Active Program

The Oac Way is about ensuring the holistic wellbeing of the children in our care. So we’ve developed Oac Active as part of our weekly offering, because physical confidence is important to a child’s self-esteem and capacity for development.

We’re very proud of this exclusive program. Oac Active is designed by a qualified Sports Science Physiologist in consultation with the Oac Health Team to help children learn important gross motor skills. Gross Motor Development is a fundamental base skill to many areas of learning.

This program also leads to improvements in strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and co-ordination in a fun, inclusive environment.

Oac Active introduces children to the concepts of:

  • Wellbeing
  • Developing confidence in their own bodies and improving self esteem
  • Improving gross motor skills
  • Enjoying physical activity

The program runs daily and with each session there are ways to make the session easier or harder to ensure that all children can participate and most importantly, they’re having fun.

Oac Active – Nursery

Oac Active is an initiative that helps introduce children to the concepts of physical wellbeing and confidence in their own bodies and enjoyment through physical activity. Early introduction to physical activity is very important for building routines for lifelong healthy habits. The monthly program is tailored to meet the physical needs of individual children and develop gross motor skills at every stage of development. All activities are designed to ensure that all children have the opportunity to take part, learn and develop at their own pace and most importantly, have fun.

The Nursery Active program is provided for infants and children aged 0 - 2 years. Infants and children will be shown the fundamental basic skills through imaginative and creative play by their educator. Educators will be given a suggested list of basic activities they can implement into their nursery routine with their groups. Most of these activities and skills can be adapted to suit mobile and non-mobile infants and children. These skills are the foundations of Active Toddler and Active Preschool.

Oac Active Nursery principles
• Small groups
• A safe, challenging, predictable environment
• Educators speak in  authentic voices, using real words
• Constant praise
• Trust in children as capable and competent learners
• Trust in the infants competence

The benefits of Oac Active for children 0 – 2 years?

• Secure, reciprocal relationships are the foundation for a child’s developing identity, connection to others; communication; learning and belonging.

• Responsive educator/child interactions involve: respect; listening; engagement; understanding and participation

Meet the team

Dale Hodges

Dale has been working with Only About Children since 2014. Dale works as an Educator in the Preschool room at the Oac Freshwater campus. In this role, his passion for physical education is always evident, particularly through his running of the Oac Active program.

Dale started working with Oac as a Trainee where he was awarded the annual ‘Passion for Education’ award. Dale was also nominated for ‘Trainee of the Year’ at the annual Oac excellence awards. Dale is currently studying for his Diploma and continues to develop his skills within the educational sector.
In 2017, Dale was appointed as the Oac Active Programmer, developing, refining and overseeing the Oac Active program in New South Wales, and providing support to Oac Educators with implementing the Oac Active program in their campuses.


Chloe Beer

Chloe holds a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement, and a Bachelor of Psychology obtained from Victoria University. She has also undertaken additional training through the Australian Sports Commission National Accreditation in the areas of Community Coaching and Children’s Athletics. Chloe has worked in the area of early childhood physical education since 2014.

Chloe has experience working with children and tailoring exercise programs to both individuals and larger sized classes as well as delivering specialist physical education and rehabilitation programs to children living with varying levels of need including children with Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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