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Oac Health Program

Supporting your child’s development

As part of the Oac Way, we offer a holistic approach to your child’s development, which means we encompass not just the education, but the physical health and emotional wellbeing of every child in  our care.

This innovative program offers allied health specialist support in areas such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Hearing and Vision. Comprehensive advice and recommendations are provided, which helps support quality educational outcomes for all children.

These exclusive Oac Health services are all included as part of your daily fee.


For speech and language development to occur in early childhood, hearing levels must be within a normal range. At Oac, we currently screen children once between the ages of 3 and 5 to determine if your child's hearing is within a normal range. Recommendations will be made should any potential difficulties in hearing be identified.


Our vision specialists have a fun method of examining the eyes of preschool children using 3D images. They can determine if a vision problem exists and provide recommendations to families for appropriate therapies. At Oac, we screen all 2 and 4 year old children.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy aims to promote a child's participation and independence in everyday, age appropriate activities. A child's 'occupation' includes play, learning, socialising, and the role of being a child, sibling, friend, son or daughter.

Speech and language

Speech and language skills are integral to your child's development. Our dedicated team of Speech Pathologists help children to develop age appropriate speech sounds as well as develop and increase their understanding and use of language. At Oac, we screen all children from 2 years, at the request of families, to identify any speech and/or language difficulties and provide recommendations for appropriate therapies.

Ready for school screenings

Our Oac Health team offer Ready For School screenings to all children in the year prior to school. These screenings complement the Oac Grow curriculum and evaluate each child’s motor, language, emergent literacy and self-care skills.

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