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Partnerships with Families

At Oac, we pride ourselves on fostering and sustaining respectful and pro-active partnerships with our families. We believe it makes a tremendous difference to how well a child flourishes, knowing they are in a nurturing circle of families, Educators and community members. In this fast paced world and with so many busy working families, we provide an environment that replicates a "village” dynamic.

We care about getting to know your family and celebrate what makes you unique. We promote family involvement within our campuses through our open door policy, family events and participation in our programs. Campuses hold regular social events where you’ll meet other families and enjoy celebrations with your children. Events include morning and afternoon teas, art exhibitions, BBQs and other important calendar events.


Our exclusive app, Oac CONNECT also allows you to stay connected with your child throughout the day. Daily updates and photos are sent directly to your smart phone or tablet so you won't miss a minute! You can log into Oac CONNECT here

We have recently released the second version of this exclusive app that includes new features such as ‘Oac Today’ allowing parents to view all messages from a specific day their child attends Oac, the ability to download the amazing photos taken at a campus each day and request an Oac Extra Day 8 weeks in advance!

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Oac Parenting Workshops

At Only About Children, we believe in the proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and through active, two way relationships with our families, it means we can understand and meet every child and their family’s unique needs more fully. This is why each year we hold exclusive Parenting Workshops bringing the community’s leading early childhood experts together to engage, inspire and empower parents. The Oac Parenting Workshop are free and open to the public, so please bring family and friends.

For access to the family lounge. You can log in here.

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